What happens when one woman (me) wears the world’s most versatile dress (a classic Diane von Furstenberg wrap) every day for thirty days? Well, there’s really only one way to find out.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day twenty-five - A confidence cautionary tale

The DVF inspires confidence - I've known this from the beginning. But what I failed to anticipate is that the confidence aggregates. So by day 25, you're actually feeling 25 times more confident than the first time you put on the dress. I think they must add some sort of slow-release confidence chemical to the viscose.

My friend Mandy recently opened an incredible wine bar in New York, and I was there earlier this evening. Feeling like hot stuff in the DVF, I asked if I could stand on the bar's catwalk for a quick minute - that space is generally reserved for employees who are retrieving wine. She obliged.

Then I asked if I could stand behind the bar and hold her clipboard. She hesitated, and then obliged.

Finally, I asked for a red pen so that I could proofread the bar's menus. I promptly found myself on the sidewalk.

The moral of the story is...the DVF should probably be used only as directed. A dress that gives you enough confidence to attempt to exact a takeover of your best friend's wine bar - without you even realizing it - should be worn once or twice a week at most.


  1. Where is the wine bar? I love wine!

  2. And if I recall correctly, you're no stranger to bars in general, either!

    Mandy's wine bar is called Ardesia - 52nd Street right off 10th Ave in NYC. It's awesome!

  3. It's like story of the red shoes! Except you can take off the dress. But not until you take over everything in your path!

  4. You can come over and do my taxes in the dress next year if you want. I won't stop you.