What happens when one woman (me) wears the world’s most versatile dress (a classic Diane von Furstenberg wrap) every day for thirty days? Well, there’s really only one way to find out.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Day twenty-three - the DVF at DVF

Earlier this week I posted a link to the DVF Experiment on Diane von Furstenberg's Facebook page. Their very lovely PR people sent me an email and - POW - four days later I am getting a tour of the DVF studio and showroom in New York. They even let me peek into DVF's office and sit on her couch!

Sitting on the couch of the woman who introduced me (and more importantly, my torso) to the Magical World of Ruching was thrilling. So thrilling in fact, that had that pillow to my left been slightly smaller, there's a decent chance I would have tried to stuff it in my purse when no one was looking.

Alas, the lady herself was not there, which might have been for the best. I am prone to two behaviors when I am nervous: cursing like a sailor; and knocking things over. I realize that Diane von Furstenberg is a woman just like any other - she puts her wrap dress on one sleeve at a time - but it would have been VERY bad had I spontaneously yelled a four-letter word and then accidentally sent the fall collection down the (beautiful) center staircase. Trust me, it's not that farfetched.

This day will most certainly be the highlight of the DVF Experiment. Future posts will more closely resemble my everyday life, which, as you know by now, looks much more like this, taken 20 minutes post-couch:


  1. WOW! you not only prayed to mecca, you MADE it to mecca! I am awed.

  2. You have forever changed my philosphy about what to bring when I travel.

  3. Wow Caitlin, how lucky are you! That is great! Getting to eat a NYC hot dog. I do hope that vendor is not in Times Square. You do not want to get bomb residue on that DVF before the experiment ends.
    Your 'terrific' roommate's mom