What happens when one woman (me) wears the world’s most versatile dress (a classic Diane von Furstenberg wrap) every day for thirty days? Well, there’s really only one way to find out.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day eight - the DVF gets well

When you tell your shrink you're planning to wear the same dress for thirty days in a row, rest assured, she will begin to ask you some very pointed questions. She will not, however, take pictures of you for your blog. (Apparently, that would be "inappropriate.") But she'll let you snap a picture of yourself on her couch before you settle into the hard work of healing.

This very brief blog post was brought to you by Blue Cross Blue/Blue Shield of Massachusetts, plus a $45 copay.


  1. Did you give your shrink the link to your blog? I wonder if she'll exposed now that we've all seen her couch?

  2. Missed a word
    ...wonder if she'll FEEL exposed...

    Also, nice toe cleavage.

  3. I have to point out that I'm really disappointed in your shrink's totally janky couch. My shrink has much better furniture and therefore provides higher quality mental health services.

  4. My shrink's couch is janky only because she is in such high demand. So many patients sit on it that it gets worn down. Unlike your charlatan shrink and her couch made of gold.