What happens when one woman (me) wears the world’s most versatile dress (a classic Diane von Furstenberg wrap) every day for thirty days? Well, there’s really only one way to find out.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day three - around town

Talk about a versatile dress! This morning I discovered that with very little effort, it is possible to look like a homeless librarian in the DVF. (A special thanks to my roommate Dufour for making this astute observation. For the record, she is the one who knitted the hat, and let's face it, the hat is definitely responsible for the homeless vibe. The cardigan can take credit for the librarian-ness.)

I was in no way looking forward to wearing a dress out in the rain to do my Saturday morning errands, and for a split second I thought about just throwing on a pair of jeans. But how could I disappoint all eleven (that's right, ELEVEN!) of my loyal blog followers? (They are, in no particular order: Amy, Sylvia, Trish, Anne, Stephanie, Oliver, Heather, Mandy, Tammy, Adam, and Jeff. Hi guys!) At least the fact that it was raining meant I could wear my rain boots, which meant I DIDN'T have to shave my legs yet again. Plus, the DVF is really comfortable. I always forget that until I put it on.

Here I am in Target, explaining to my friend (and amazing photog and loyal DVF blog follower) Amy why this faux wrap dress does not measure up to the original. There was a great deal of lecturing on the material and draping, as well as the science of "wrapping." The short version - this knock-off DVF is totally busted.

Someone actually stopped me in Target to compliment me on my...rain boots! It was so disappointing! But then I realized that's actually SO typical of the DVF. The dress itself never gets noticed - it just acts as the stage. It stays in the background, letting you (or your rain boots, or your necklace, or your scarf) be the star.

Tomorrow - the DVF makes a big pre-Marathon pasta dinner for my good friend Kerry, who is attempting to beat Valerie Bertanelli in Monday's race!


  1. Can you please explain more about the DVF knockoff? There is a plague of wrap dress knockoffs in this country, and the women of American need your help.

  2. I'm glad you asked. A wrap dress should not have buttons, snaps or zippers, and it should have two very long strips of fabric that wrap all the way around your midsection in opposite directions and tie in the front. You, the wearer, then have control over how tightly you wrap it - which is how you alter the dress's level of sexiness.

    Fake wrap dresses often don't have these long strips - they have short strips that just tie in the front, so they don't wrap around anything at all, and are essentially just shift dresses with a tie in the front. .Sometimes they will have a button on the inside of the right panel - the idea is that you button the left panel to the right panel and then tie it - again, there's no wrapping action.

    Remember - you don't step into a wrap dress - you put it on like a coat.