What happens when one woman (me) wears the world’s most versatile dress (a classic Diane von Furstenberg wrap) every day for thirty days? Well, there’s really only one way to find out.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day twelve - takeout

The life of a jetsetter such as myself can be exhausting. Between the roller skating and the hanging out with babies and the twenty hour a week job...sometimes I just want to put on my DVF and be a regular woman. Not an internet sensation.

So tonight I went across the street to Basta Pasta for about the 5th time since last Friday. This is either Altin or Reno, and this is how he always greets me, even when the paparazzi (my roommate) is not following me.

Reno and Altin are brothers, and I introduced myself to them when they opened this restaurant six years ago. Since then they have allowed me to have UPS packages delivered there, had beers with me on my front porch, and fed me approximately 1 million hamburgers. Yet I still do not know which of them is which. You'd be shocked how easy it is to work around, actually.

Tonight I ate a meatball parm sub and lied on my living room floor and did a puzzle. Then I watched Jeopardy! True story.


  1. So how many times has Altin/Reno seen the dress? If you had to guess?

  2. Hmmm... I wonder if the DVF has anything to do with the fact that Reno comps you a pasta dinner at Christmas, and your roommate hasn't gotten so much as a free meatball.

  3. Hmmm...in order to get her hands on Reno's meatballs, it's imperative that my roommate not call both brothers "Reno." They totally notice.

  4. can you convince them to deliver a meatball sub to NYC? please.