What happens when one woman (me) wears the world’s most versatile dress (a classic Diane von Furstenberg wrap) every day for thirty days? Well, there’s really only one way to find out.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day five - Boston Marathon!

I think I've discovered the one way you CAN'T wear the DVF:

The bright orange hat was so that my friend Kerry could spot me as she ran by. The sneakers were just to be marathon-y. Despite the fact that this is an incredibly unflattering look, you can't keep a good dress down. Just look at how that material bounces!

AND, even with the sneakers, the dress is pretty powerful - these nice men asked me to join them for a(nother) drink. Gentlemen, please! Do I look like the kind of woman who would be drinking in the middle of the day?

Another good day for the dress - an even better day for Kerry.


  1. Dear Ms. Caitlin,

    I would like to know your thoughts on other types of DVF wraps, and also the technical name of your DVF wrap style. Is it the Justin? The Oletta? The Rosina? Also, can you tell me a little bit more about the virtues/pitfalls of silk jersey?

    A Friend

  2. Hello DVF enthusiast! My DVF wrap is actually not silk jersey - it's 85% viscose, 15% polyamide. I believe it's the Julian, but I can't be sure. I bought it two years ago and I believe the designs change slightly year to year. Mine looks a little longer than the current Julian - it hits just below my knee, which I really like. (I also like that it's collarless - it makes the dress even more subtle, and necklaces don't overwhelm it.)

    Silk jersey is a great material too - but I have to say, if I had to do it again, I'd still go for the viscose/polyamide combination - for a couple of reasons. First, wrinkles come out in about 5 seconds. (I've left this dress crumpled in a bag in my car overnight and worn it to a wedding the next day, no problem.) Also, when you tie the dress, it stays put - which means you're not always worrying about what might be popping out of it at staff meetings! I met a girl last weekend who told me she has to wear her "wrap" with a cami underneath - not the case with the DVF.

  3. Dear Ms. Caitlin,

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful response! I am a firm believer in natural fibers, although I wouldn't want to discount all of the innovations that technology has brought to our lives.

    As an anonymous reader of your work, I am going to send you an anonymous photo of my silk jersey DVF wrap and how it does and doesn't work around my cleave. I, too, am often forced to wear a camisole underneath the dress - not because it doesn't stay closed, but because it naturally just shows a lot of cleave. Too much, I think, for the average workplace.

    - Friend

  4. Hello anonymous reader!

    I am very much looking forward to receiving a photo of your cleavage in a silk jersey DVF. I had always thought that wrap dresses that require camisoles are just poor imitations of the real thing. But perhaps you, anonymous person I have never met and whose cleavage I have never seen at Healthworks, are a particularly busty lady and the DVF can't quite cover your assets? I'd nevre thought about the physics of it, but I now realize it's possible that this dress creates challenges for some body types. Much like the fact of cleavage has its own perils and advantages, so does the DVF.